March 30, 2011

Almost the end of the this crazy March madness.. I'm not sure why but this year it has taken full effect. Looking forward to the spring sunshine, thank goodness we have a sample today.
I'm currently listening to the new Britney Spears album (Femme Fatale) it's pretty awesome so far, haven't yet listened to the whole thing.
I have an interview today for a serving job *fingers crossed*

The summer season is fast approaching and this year I have decided to take a stab at making my own clothes/altering pieces to my own design. I will post pictures once I have started. Grungey chic is what I'm sorta going for. Taylor Momsen has a style that I admire. She loves vintage lingerie and old band shirts, she has a good mix of girly & masculine but still sexy (which I hope to achieve). Here's an example: not the best pic but more to come.

I have been listening to the Pretty Reckless alot lately. It blows my mind that Taylor Momsen is only 16! but man can she belt out a tune.
That is all for today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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