March 2, 2011


Bonjourno 2011! I have returned from re-blog-linquish to embark on not just a blog but also personal experiment t0 enlightenment. I have done more than enough 'soul searching' in the past 14 months (from injury etc). Enough so, that I'm busting at the proverbial brain seams with too many ridiculously awesome, obnoxious and crazy thoughts I have to hide somewhere (for all to see).

As most lives do, mine has changed a lot since my last post. I have now moved out of Cambridge and am truly enjoying the relocate to Guelph. It's surprising how much different the two cities are being so close to one another. I appreciate the culture Guelph has and try to soak it up as much as I can. I'm looking forward to the summer, as I moved in to Guelph after Labour Day and have not yet experienced the festivals or shows.
I have also tried to get back on the employment horse. Unfortunately nothing has stuck longer than a few months. The market hasn't been the greatest but when has it ever been (for me). I have come to realize I must get back to school ASAP in order to come anywhere near content with my job/salary..
I have been wrestling the creative gods for the past few months badly. The daily running of my life has left little to no room for the innovative juices to get flowing so I am going to start making time for them and me to grow.. I feel quite zombiefied by the way our lives are always turning to a device (for everything).

I am partaking in a 31 day challenge to try and fight some doughy, sugary demons and hopefully lose a few pounds in the process. I have decided to cut Coca Cola, pizza and beer out of my diet for the entire month of March. This will absolutely be a challenge for me, however I need this! I need to get my butt in shape (quite literally) and would love to feel great in summer clothes (and all around the board). No green beer for me this year!
I've decided to start eating healthier all together, I am trying out new recipes and gaining confidence in the kitchen. I used to be the box-bought-vegetarian, and let's be honest how does that even begin to make sense?! I am making a conscience effort to eat new things and try out ingredients I would normally have tried to avoid. (links to recipes definitely welcome and will be shared).

I am going to leave you with a song that has never left my heart, even if the girl that introduced me to it did...

"If thinking is like perceiving, it must be either a process in which the soul is acted upon by what is capable of being thought, or a process different from but analogous to that. The thinking part of the soul must therefore be, while impassable, capable of receiving the form of an object; that is, must be potentially identical in character with its object without being the object. Mind must be related to what is thinkable, as sense is to what is sensible." - Aristotle

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