June 23, 2010


My mind is all over the place. I fear the stress has now piled up too much and I feel as though I may lose my cool. There's not enough meditation that can get me out of the box that's trapped my head. I have spent the morning cleaning, doing yard work, going for a walk, painting and its only just hit noon. I haven't heard back from any job possibilities and I'm getting overwhelmed with being thrown into the deep end of working full time again after being off for so long.. I am also trying to quit smoking, its honestly taking an emotional toll on me. I never thought it'd be so hard. Those are my main 2 stressers right now.. There are probably about 40 other smaller things that I could go on about for days but I'm going to save you that half hour of your life in reading my bitching.
I am extremely lucky to have my friends and family for support and I appreciate them everyday. I have my health now and I am super fortunate to be able to walk again and be almost back to 100%. I am still struggling with E.I. and I am preparing a letter to send to my MP because waiting for over 6 months now is frankly ridicules.
My message to leave you with today is: "You can start with nothing .. and out of nothing or no way - a WAY will be provided."

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