May 11, 2010

make it or break it

Today is a very important day. I've been waiting for over a year for this afternoon's driving test. I'm super nervous but I have faith that karma knows I need and deserve my license. After all these years of inconvenience I'd be delighted to have the freedom I oh so wildly crave.

Yesterday was the deadline for my E.I. claim and still nothing! I called yesterday morning first thing and again today and still no resolution! This has probably been hands down the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal. I can't pay for my physio bills without this chuck of coin that I am entitled to. I'm annoyed that I've done everything on my part before any of their deadlines but when it comes to their own deadline they dance around the point. If I don't know by Friday I think my head may explode.

This past weekend was a blast. Spent Friday night with some great friends playing games (hahaha yes games) and spent Saturday night in Guelph with 2 of my most beautiful girlfriends. The occasion that brought us together was a small bacherolette shin-dig for Denise whose getting married on June 19th. We danced up and down the streets and hit up a few bars and clubs. The downer of the night however, was when I took a huge face plant into the sidewalk. My bad ankle gave out and I lost my balance to find myself face first on the ground :( my wee little chin is now all scabby and I really hope it doesn't scar. I think I'm near soon to living in a bubble for protection. I think I am the clumsiest person I've ever met! The knee tho IS getting better and I am officially on the quicker mend. As of last week I have dropped the cane, and have only had to use it a couple times since.

Now I am off to continue practicing for this afternoon, wish me luck :)

Also check this out: *picture courtesy of Shannon Gerard.

Sword of My Mouth, a new graphic novel by Jim Munroe and Shannon Gerard. Toronto launch party May 6, 7pm, Tequila Bookworm (Queen Street West at Portland).

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