December 23, 2012

To leave or not to leave, that is the question...

So the consensus while in Surfers Paradise is that 98% of the travelers I talked to were expecting more. Perhaps that's the mindset that we all venture off with; is that there really is a paradise out there that is 'hidden' from the tribulations of everyday life. But in reality there truly isn't.
Paradise is an internal thing, it's all about where you find yourself the most confident and the most whole as a person. Traveling to find such a thing could take years when the entire time its been within yourself.
When talking with some British girls the harsh reality of how I felt came through them. They were over the fact that there is no work and that Australia is hot, beautiful and full of hot beach boys. They were ready to head home but had continued the struggle of living out of a suitcase in fear of what others back home would think. That admitting defeat would somehow make them weak to friends and family. When in the great scheme of things the ones that love us most just want whats best for us and if that means going back to who we know and what we know, then so be it.

I find I have hit some road block of frustrations. All of which could be manifested by the fact that I just don't feel comfortable or entitled to have a months long vacation (or even more if I keep going). I have been trying to find work but to no avail. I have also tried going to another part of the country, but also to no avail. I don't know if it's the holidays messing with my head but I'm just about ready to go home. Cold weather and all...

Namaste friends xo

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