April 21, 2010

iN PaiN

I've woken up with the weirdest pain in my knee. This is definitely a new pain, that has yet to embark upon my withered limb. As I rolled out of bed and stood up the back of my knee cap and knee locked and pinched. I had to sit back down and rearrange the way I must have stood. As I stood again the pain was even worse. I now sit with frozen peas on my knee for yet another beautiful, sunny morning.

Now having a day to really stew over the result of calling E.I. yesterday, I am worried. I have now retro dated my claim to the date of injury (as advised by the gentleman on the phone) and I am concerned that they may cause a stink because that isn't in my original claim. Oh man, it's all very confusing and frustrating... I just hope I get the money I need for my bills.

On a lighter note, I had a wonderful day yesterday. I am really starting to enjoy this weather, even if I can't play tennis or go for a run or go on bike rides or go for hikes.. I love that I can sit outside and instantly feel deviant and enlightened. I wish I had my camera and sunglasses that I forgot in Edmonton. I feel as though I have tons to say but finding the words each time isn't justification to the means - I need a camera to capture that. Perhaps I shall take my 1980's Minolta in for some repairs :)

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