March 10, 2010


I had originally envisioned me being able to blog everyday, however I have been tied down with paperwork, appointments and painting so I'm afraid I haven't been able to update regularly. I have definitely made some progress with my knee. The movement of the joint is loosening up and I can almost straighten my knee but not without allot of pain. I have been doing my daily exercises and I find it helps. I now have more of a dull pain in the back of the knee cap so I imagine there is some extensive damage to the ACL and quite possibly the cartilage. I have been floating the idea around of getting corporate sponsorship for my recovery. I am finding the physio is a huge help, however it is expensive and have a bill for February that I am still struggling to pay. I attend physio twice a week for a half hour each time. I get ultrasound to break up the damaged tissue and to ease the blood flow through the knee. I also attempt at riding the mechanical bike - I am yet to make a full rotation but I know its coming! I then have the physiotherapist work my knee to loosen the joint and as I mentioned before can almost straighten it. This process is very painful and often leaves me breathless.
I realize that finding a sponsor(s) for my recovery is a long shot but I figure it's 2010! anything IS possible! I am composing a letter to submit to all of the companies I buy from most often. If anyone has any insight as to ways of going about this endeavour please feel free to voice them. "Positive thoughts equals positive results."

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