February 16, 2010

Who knew?

This part of the story begins with my friend and I deciding to take our lives by the horns and make something of ourselves. On a sunny September Saturday afternoon my friend Lindsay and I devised a plan to move across the country to try something new. 3 weeks later we had the car packed with our most priced possessions, cat and dog. We ventured on a journey that would surely change both of our lives. Taking the everyday life we knew oh too well in Ontario to something that scared us yet enthralled us in Alberta. After a month of living in Leduc with some very gracious friends we had almost planted our wee adventurous feet in the 'City of Champions', Edmonton. Less than a month later, before I could even comprehend what had actually happened I was in the emergency room with an injury that would be sure to put me back in my humbled little body. "I fell running to a bus" has been a sentence I've probably said over a thousand times in the past 3 months. Who knew that running to catch a bus to go to work could change my life in an instant...

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  1. A journey that would SURELY change both of our lives... what an understatement!!!! Both of us are probably now 2 completely different people than we were when we shook hands in front of her house that afternoon we decided to make the move. I know I am for sure. Im still here in Edmonton... trying to clear my path, trying to find my purpose, trying to find me....
    It wasnt untill the drive back into the city from dropping Sarah off at the airport to go back to Ontario that i realised where I really was. And at that moment as i drove past the "Welcome to Edmonton, the City of Champions" sign and could see the downtown highrises on the horizon that i felt alone for the very first time in my life. With Sarah at my side I had no fear in being where I was, but at this moment i felt insignificant. What happened to me? I know Sarah's on a plane back to Ontario... but where did I go??
    Still to this day i sit here in my 4th story apartment and stare off at the downtown skyrises and wonder who I am... what is my purpose out here? Do I even have one? Whos lives am I changing? Am I changing any at all? You would think when left on your own you would truely become in touch with who you are... but in my experience its done the exact opposite, it has made me question everything. Sarah I love you and miss you dearly.
    xox ~~Lindz